11 Reasons to Travel with your Partner Before Having Kids

Kids are truly a gift from God, a gift that every couple wishes to have, but given the fact that they are kids, they can be tiring, annoying and can drive you out of your mind, therefore there are several reasons to travel as much as you can with your partner before having kids.

1. Your trip will be hassle free

You don’t have to worry about; changing a diaper, running to the toilet to save your child from wetting his pants, getting them their favorite food, or buying them milk. You just turn the vacation mode on, and enjoy!


2. You “still” don’t have as many responsibilities

No school fees, no diapers, no regular visits to the Pediatric, or money set aside for private lessons. It’s only you and your significant other, so if you go broke, you can live with that “easy”.

3. It’s “still” cheaper

Though paying for kids is not as expensive as for adults, and some stuff are even free of charge, but still you’ll pay for food, toys, & souvenirs. Come on who’d dare to say NO to his/her kid when on a vacation?


4. You deserve some couples only time

Who doesn’t deserve to spend some couples only time with his/her significant other? You can still do that when having kids, but not as much as before.


5. You’ll get to do whatever you both feel like “no sacrifices”

You can both still be selfish, and do the things that you really want to do without any feeling of guilt, but when you have kids you put them as a priority and go as they please.

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6. You can travel and settle your debts later

Now that you are done with all marriage related major expenses, it’s time for you to enjoy your life together without worrying too much about money. Come on, what the worse that could happen? You’re still independent, embrace it.


7. You can stay/sleep anywhere

Be it tents, camps, huts, hostels, wherever, it doesn’t matter there is no one to worry about.


8. Packing is “still” easy

When packing for yourselves there is nothing to worry about, if you pack inappropriate clothing you’ll easily sort things out, however when you are packing for your kid you think too much to make sure that you packed the appropriate clothing, and have enough extra stuff, because you cannot predict when will they accidentally spill their milk, or wet themselves, you have to be ready and equipped for any bad turn of events :D.


9. You can eat all sorts of crap

You don’t have to worry too much about how clean or healthy the food you’re eating is, if -God forbids- you got food poisoned you’ll see a doctor or get some medicine and you’re good to enjoy the rest of your trip, but when you have a child you think a hundred times before giving him/her street food, the last thing you want is getting your kid sick -that’s the worst feeling a mum can ever get.


10. You can take risks & try extreme activities without worrying too much about the outcome

You can still be spontaneous, enjoy being stupid together and do all sorts of crazy things, drive a scooter, jump from an airplane, shark cage dive, you name it! Because no child -other than your man- is depending on you ;).


11. You don’t have to wait until the kids grow old

Don’t wait for too long thinking that someday when the kids grow old you’ll travel alone as a couple again, seize the opportunity & travel now.


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  1. great article passainte. keep on

  2. Respect to most of mentioned reasons .. but even though a holiday is tasteless without kids hassle 🙂

    • I don’t have kids, but I have two beautiful nieces that I am fond of, so yeah it’s totally tasteless!

  3. أنا بقى سنجل وسفري مرتبط بأجازة الصيف بتاعة أخويا رغم إني خلصت جامعة من زمان. بس الفرصة الوحيدة للمتجوزين هي شهر العسل لأن الناس بتحمل بعد الجواز على طول

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