11 Experiences “Almost” Every Egyptian Traveller Has Been Through

Being annoyed by the visa process

We Egyptian Passport holders are victims of annoying endless visa requirements, and having to wait till forever to get a visa appointment, therefore everyone had adventures, and misadventures at foreign embassies, and certainly stood in long queues.

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Queued for Tax-Free until we almost missed the flight

Though we do not expect to get more than 20-30 euros, we go to the airport 4 hours in advance, standing in endless queues risking to miss our flight, but we keep telling ourselves “this is around EGP 170-250, mesh we7shin, yenfa3o le akher el shahr.”

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Almost missed a flight, a train, a bus,…

It’s just a fact of travel; running after a flight, a train, a bus, or any means of public transports -it’s not exclusive to Egyptians. Although it’s terrifying the moment it happens specially when alone, or when there aren’t any alternative connections, but one by one you get used to it, and stop being as terrified as before, as we Egyptians always lose track of time, we are more exposed to missing things, aren’t we? lol.

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Over-packed until we learned to pack light

Yes I hear you, your back, neck and shoulder pain are unbearable because you had to take care of your luggage at the airport, train and bus station, and it only gets worse as you checked in a hostel that does not provide a lift, while your stay will be on the fifth floor, fancy that! This is when we were urged to watch tutorials on how to pack light, and “more or less” committed to every word.


Were terrified from the moment the luggage will be weighed

“Should I wear extra layers, carry a hidden extra carry on, or just leave some stuff behind? This guy at the counter looks nice, but the lady looks very strict, if my luggage is overweight should I cry to him, or beg?” These are common questions that we ask ourselves every time we pack, or wait for our luggage to be weighed.

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Stopped by customs for entering food

Egyptian food is a delicacy; molokheya, ka7k, 7alaweyat shar2eya, fetir, 7amam ma7shi, you name it! When traveling to a family member or a friend; carrying food is a “goes without saying” tradition, we all have been stopped at least once by customs to explain what kind of goods are we carrying.

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Had stomachaches from over eating

We Egyptians don’t just eat, we love food, and enjoy every bit of it -yes food is a pleasure-, therefore we do not stop when we are full, we only stop when 1. the restaurant wants to close, or 2. we finish all the food served, and by that time we are completely over-stuffed.

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Haggled with someone offering a ride, a product or a service

Living in Egypt helps us nourish the “haggling” skill, haggling is just part of our daily life starting from the vallet parking guy who asks for “nonsense” amounts of money, to buying fruits and veggies from street stalls. In fact Africa, and Asia are “the birthplace of haggling”, people offer you all sorts of services, and goods while walking, standing, or riding public transports.

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Rent an apartment with a kitchenette to save money

If traveling with a group, renting an apartment is the second best option after hostels, specially if looking for some privacy. Not only it cuts down accommodation costs, but also the money spent on food, as kitchenettes allow us to buy half cooked meals, or raw materials to cook our favorite recipes, instead of eating daily in restaurants, bistros, and cafes.

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Finished all our cash and blocked our credit cards

We have all been there, haven’t we? This is when we are dying to buy some extra stuff from the duty free, are hungry, or just thirsty, and can’t wait to get on our flight to ask for a drink, and a meal.

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Came back broke not knowing how we will make it through the month

We all have been there too! And that’s exactly when tax-free money comes as a savior.

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Have you been through any of these? Share with us in the comments below! 

Our Readers Comments

  1. Well after spending all my cash money thinking I have a whole new credit card to spend (having still a whole week in my trip), I discovered that I didn’t receive my pin code from the bank 🙂 Stupid me! OH! And tax-free money was a savior when I got really hungry at an airport because of a delayed flight!

  2. I like this article, drew a smile on my face 🙂

  3. Yes,I have been through some of what you mentioned in the article. But what I remember most, the way I chosed the clerk to go with my luggage, over weight problems, should I beg or pay , or customs issues (is what I bought with me will be customed or not?)

  4. I wish they were numbered so that I could tell you!

  5. This made me smile to my phone like an idiot 😀 I can certainly relate to 90% of those!
    Specially the tax-free and over packed parts! Nailed that 😉

  6. well passainte , I’d like to tell u that ur articles were very helpful for me , I gained so much knowledge from u about traveling added to my own now 😀 I thought there was a little traveler inside me , though Im still 20 years old , but now he is out and ready to travel the world 😀 Thank you for being such a helpful inspiration 🙂

    • @Ahmad I am glad…
      Releaaaaaaaaaase it, you will never regret it 😀

  7. every single word is true, but didn’t try renting an apartment cause i travel by myself or just one friend

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