How To Plan Your Trip And Know Where Travel Expenses Come From

Travel is the best way to restore your sanity, every now and then we need to put some distance between ourselves and everything we know or are familiar with, to get rid from anything that anchors us down, and once we travel and without we even notice, it suddenly gets under our skin, we always return with memories and souvenirs that would take us back there a hundred times over, making us always hungry, and craving for more.


This is a 101 guide split into several parts, teaching all the hacks, tips and tricks that you need to know so you could easily plan, choose a destination, set a budget, monitor your spending, to end up landing on your dream trip.

Step #1: Knowing Where Travel Expenses Usually Come From

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Flight tickets

Unless your dates are flexible, flight tickets are something that you do not have complete control over. There are destinations like South America and Australia that are expensive by default (Solution: book as early as possible, and subscribe to Travelstart Egypt’s Newsletter to not miss on hot flight deals)



Accommodation Rates

Is something you could always play around with as there is an array of accommodation options to choose from, from free stays to very expensive ones. Unless the highlight of your trip is luxurious accommodation I do not believe that accommodation is something that you should invest so much money in, at the end of the day what matters is cleanliness, safety, convenience, and ease of access


Travel insurance

You need to invest in one because -God forbids- you never know what the hell could happen to you during your travels, and it feels good to have your back covered


Visa expenses

Acquiring an entry visa would require documents that might cost some money, i.e. translation, issuance of papers, and the visa itself is rarely free, so that’s an expense that you should consider as some visas could cost up to a thousand Egyptian pounds

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In some countries it’s essential to get some vaccinations, or medications, which usually come at a price. Beware you could be denied entry to the country of arrival, or be quarantined upon arrival to your country of residence

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Comfy And Convenient Walking Shoes

Investing in a good pair of shoes is worth each penny, it also has to go with weather conditions (i.e. no sneakers in snowy or rainy cities as they quickly get wet, or long boots in scorching hot weather). Walking and cycling abroad is a pleasure in itself, so don’t ruin your trip by choosing the wrong pair of shoes

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Convenient Clothing

That would fit into the weather conditions of your destination. That’s why it’s very important to keep an eye on the weather forecast, and to check before you start packing to get a feeling of how the weather would be during your visit

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Food And Beverages

It’s important to know if your accommodation includes food or not, so you would get an idea on how much you are going to spend on eating, and snacking

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Specially if you are planning to spend lots of time in places that require entry tickets

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  • Inside and outside the cities where you are staying
  • From/to the airport
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Equipments Needed

In case it’s some kind of a special trip you might need to buy lots of stuff (i.e. hiking boots, poles, tent, winter or summer sleeping bag, special warm clothing, etc)

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Unfortunately that’s an exopense that no matter how hard you try, will never be able to avoid -sigh

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Extras and emergencies

You always have to set aside a certain amount in case of emergencies, or any expense that might arise

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to be continued…

Are there any other expenses that we left out? Share them with us in the comments below…

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