How To Choose Your Destination And Roughly Know Your Budget

Following our first post teaching you where your trip expenses usually come from, this is our part 2.

Choosing A Destination

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  • So how to choose your destination? You should ask yourself; what am I looking forward to during this trip? Do I want to do some sightseeing? shopping? activities? island hoppping? yoga retreat? etc.
  • The answer will help you google a destination that fits into this criteria, and will make it much easier for you to choose the type of traveler you should be traveling with, or if you’d rather travel solo

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  • Don’t be shy to ask around, to post questions to online forums, and most importantly to read, and research online
  • If you are not flexible with your dates go to where you can pick a month, and get a long list of cities that are best visited during your selected month
  • If you already have a selected destination in mind make sure that you will not be visiting at its worst weather conditions, there are destinations that if not visited in their best, or at least good weather conditions your experience might turn into a total nightmare (i.e. Safaris in Africa in the rain season, island hopping in Asia during the monsoon, a Eurotrip during Europe’s coldest months, etc.)

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  • If you are keen to cut down your travel expenses, yet not travel off season make sure to travel during shoulder season, which is the time right before or after the high season

Bonus Tip: Some destinations’ flight tickets are very expensive, however accommodation, food, and excursions are very cheap, so sometimes the biggest cost lies in tickets.

Roughly Know Your Budget

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  • How much will airline tickets cost you? Tip: booking early and flexible dates will give you better prices
  • is a good way to start your research, as it would give you an indicator depending on your budget type -budget, mid range, or expensive-, but would give you an average based on high seasons’ rates
  • Will you be staying in hotels? Or will you be looking at cheaper alternatives?
  • Will you be driving, and going on road trips? is a good way to calculate distances, duration and fuel price

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  • Will you be using public transports inside the city, or will you be doing day trips? Is it cheaper to go by bike, train, low cost flights, or else? And how much would each cost?
  • Would it be better to get a transportation pass (i.e. Oyster Card in London)
  • What does your accommodation include/exclude?
  • Googling at this phase is key!


Entry Requirements

Entry Visa

  • Do you need an entry visa?
  • What are the required documents and conditions to apply?
  • How much does it cost?
  • And most of all how long will it take to have your visa issued, so you would fix your vacation dates, and book accordingly
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Vaccinations or special medication (if any)

Note that in some countries if you do not get all required vaccinations; you could be denied entry to your country of arrival, or be quarantined upon arrival to your country of residence

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It’s advisable to choose several destinations, and apply this exercise on each one of them.

Got any more tips? We’d love to know :). Please share them with us in the comments below…

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