10 Things To Notice In Berlin Streets

Unlike the rest of german cities, Berlin has a crazy wild side. It’s very colorful, artistic, and loud. It’s also one of the most interesting European cities that you can visit. When visiting Berlin, you will get to enjoy the huge museums, memorable buildings, and the vibrant nightlife of course. But don’t forget, it’s the little things that make all the difference. Those are a few of my favorite things about Berlin. If you’re ever there, make sure to take your time to notice them. It’s worth it.

1. The People

They come in all sizes and colors. Hipster clothes, fancy suits, purple hair, striped socks, cute dresses, blue eyelashes. You will literally see everything. But more interestingly, they come in all personalities too. Berliners are super friendly and super funny as well (not the first two attributes you usually think of concerning Germany), but I promise you it’s true. Make the most out of it.

2. The Street Food

Ice cream Kiosks are heaven in summers. Hotdog stands are great for a midday meal (Currywurst is also very similar to hotdogs but they’re made with pork, so make sure to ask about the components if you don’t eat pork). You can also find many different kinds of indulgences that you can enjoy on a stroll.

3. The Street Lights

Those little cute chubby guys will make your day. Just too cute!

Berlin street light

4. The Street Art

Graffiti is one of the things that will catch your eye right away. It is just so colorful. Not only that, but art installations scattered all around the city gives it a very special ambience. One helpful tip: get lost there, and just wander the streets aimlessly and sink it all in.

5. The Street Artists

Public singing, Public performances, Public everything. Berlin is a hub for community arts and art in public spaces. If you are into this type of activities, check the calendar for events during you’ll stay. You’ll find countless free gigs to see. And if you didn’t plan, I guarantee you that you will stumble upon a good number acts.

6. The Street Vendors

Well, we have to admit, the hipster street life can have its perks. And Berlin knows how to get it right when it comes to streets. There is quite a good number of different flea markets happening on weekly basis, mostly Sundays. And be prepared for a journey through time. Those places will contain all sorts of random things: retro fashion items, old music records, antiques, books, you name it..


7. The History

With great struggle, comes a great story to tell. Berlin has a great history with a bittersweet ending. I am not the type of person who visits all the museums and the typical tourist stuff, but it is really worth it in Berlin. Also, the walking tour is not to be missed, there are various companies that organize a number of different tours.


8. The Berlin Wall

The symbol of fear and hope all together. If anything, this wall is an evidence to how things can be so dark, and also how the darkness can improve so quickly. Make sure to check all the Graffiti that’s on it now..

Berlin street

9. The Heartbreak

Berlin city is a huge memorial. With every step you take, you will see how the city still didn’t get over the WWII heartache. Take note of the golden tiles here and there on the pavements, they were placed in front of the houses in memory of Holocaust victims, and have their names on them. It’s an emotional experience reading all those names and imagining what their lives looked like. The big memorial in the city center (in the below picture) can have the same effect as well.

Berlin Memorial

10. The Love

And despite of all the sadness, Berlin mastered the art of healing. It is very vibrant, and romantic, and artistic. It is a place that have witnessed how death can look like and decided to make life counts.



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