10 Steps To Decide On A Destination

Do you always feel lost when it comes to choosing a destination to spend your vacations? Worry no more, we will help you figure it out! We know that out of 200 countries in the world, and around 100 places on your bucket, it can be pretty challenging to settle on just one place. So we will use economics 101 to help you make a right fun choice for your trip.


First, get a piece of paper or open an excel sheet on your laptop. Before getting started, you have to choose the top 5 destinations on your bucket list. At least this way, you have somewhere to start from. Afterwards, go ahead and make a table with as many columns as there are places on your list. In the rows, you want to state the criteria you will be comparing the destinations to. When you write them down, make sure you are writing them in order according to your priorities. Here are some idea about the most important points you should note in your list:

Mykonos, Greece

Money, Money, Money

Your budget can be a deal breaker for many countries. Therefore it’s smart to do a little research on how expensive or cheap life in each continent is compared to your country. When you are comparing costs, you should put in mind everything. That includes flight tickets, internal transportation, accommodation, and the costs of the activities you will be doing there. For instance, Bali can be cheaper in terms of food and others, but the difference you pay in the tickets will make it as expensive as Greece.

Zanzibar, Africa

What are you in the mood for?

Hot or Cold? Tall buildings or beautiful nature? Water or greenery? Loud buzz or calm solitude? there are so many vacations styles to choose from. Make sure you are going somewhere where you feel like it. If you don’t like cold weather, do not go to Italy in winter. If you hate getting wet, maybe stay away from London. ETC.


The weather matters

That’s one of the most important criteria to consider upon choosing your holiday destination. If you’re traveling through South-east Asia for example, you wouldn’t want to cross the jungle in the midst of a rain season. So plan your destination very wisely and check the local weather before your book your exact dates. It’s no use going to a city and staying in your hotel because of rain or other inconveniences.

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