10 Places To Enjoy Souhour Differently In Cairo

Because it is usually exhausting to have Iftar in a restaurant, I feel sorry for the chefs and waiters who run everywhere to make sure that the food is ready, and served on time, sometimes it is served cold, the order might be missing some essential stuff, and above all the customer is always hungry, thirsty, frustrated, and very easily provoked, therefore I personally agree that Souhour is a much better idea, as by then we are way more flexible, we won’t declare war if something was wrong with the food, the staff is less tense, and you don’t have to run to catch maghreb, 3esha and tarawi7 prayers.

This is a list of places where Souhour is taken to a whole new level; where music is played, authentic food is served, or a stunning view is enjoyed.

Souhour With Music

Uptown Ramadan Nights at Lanterns

  • Where: The Clubhouse, Uptown Cairo, El Khalefa on Moqattam Hill
  • Pricing: Weekdays: 140 ++ / Weekends: 175++
  • For Reservation: 012 8355 7000

*Keep checking their Facebook page as they are hosting some interesting events.


Westown Hub

  • Where: Located in SODIC West, KM 38 Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, Sheikh Zayed
  • Pricing: Entry is free of charge
  • For Information: 16220


Mouled Galleria 40

  • What: As much as Galleria 40 has made a great deal out of Christmas, and Spring time, I am sure that their Ramadan celebrations won’t be any less impressive. Head there after 9 PM, you will be welcomed by Tannoura twirls, lights twinkle, soothing sounds of Oud and a traditional Mesaharaty who drums up your night! On July 9th there would be a Mahmoud El-Leithy performance, while on the 10th it will be by Saad El-Soghayar, and on the closing night Ahmed Adaweyah, and Abu Wel Shabab will be rocking the stage
  • Where: 26th July Street, 6th of October city
  • When: 9th to 11th of July starting at 9 PM
  • Tickets Price: Free entry



Souhour With A Concept

Ramadan Weekends In The Garden By The Tipsy Teapot

  • What: Not just another Souhour, or a set of boring food, but a chance to get a taste of different cuisines in one meal, be it Mexican, Italian, American, Indonesian, or else…you are free to decide!
  • Where: Villa 43, Road 17, Maadi
  • Pricing: EGP 150 giving 6 servings of your selection
  • For Reservation: 0101666907


Ramadan Nights On The Roof

  • What: On the rooftop of a garden indulge yourself with good music, and food brought to you by Cairo Deli
  • Where: The District, 51B Misr Helwan Agriculture Road, Maadi
  • Pricing: EGP 80 including Souhour
  • For Reservation:  02 2380 2120 or 010 1955 9177


Abu Ali & The Terrace Ramadan Nights

  • What: This is a place to chill out, enjoy Souhour with a scenic Nile view while playing your favorite games
  • Where: Outdoor chill out venue, on pool deck overlooking the Nile River at Hilton Zamalek Hotel
  • Pricing: Minimum charge EGP 75
  • For Reservation: 010 0160 4031


Lammet Arkan

  • What: It’s all about giving you this authentic Ramadan-ish atmosphere
  • Where: Arkan Mall, 6th of October
  • Pricing: If you are going for a walk then it’s definitely free of charge, but if you are having Souhour it depends on which restaurant or cafe you will order from
  • For Reservation/Information: 02 3852 2650 – 02 3852 2651


A Sailing Souhour

In these 3 options you will be having your meal while sailing the great Nile River.

Fel Felucca

  • What: Catered by Crave, so expect mouth-watering dishes
  • Where: Docked at Cornish El-Maadi
  • Pricing: 2 set menus to choose from: Premium Fel-Felucca: EGP 250 or Elite Fel-Felucca: EGP 320
  • For Reservation: 01011111041 – 01064830991

*Iftar is also available


Mazaj El Felucca

  • What: Catered by Mazaj Restaurant for Arabian Cuisine
  • Where: Docked at Marsa El Khawaga, Boulac
  • Pricing: EGP 220++
  • For Reservation: 012 8170 1753
  • Conditions: 50% deposit to be paid 24 hours in advance

*Iftar is also available


Dahabeya La Marée

  • Where: Cornish El Nil, Maadi (infront on the military hospital)
  • Pricing: Open buffet for EGP 250++
  • For Reservation: 010 2794 1444  or 010 0657 0579

*Iftar is also available


Bonus Marvelous Iftar Option

On The Roof Of Le Riad Hotel De Charme

  • Where: 114 Al Mo’ez Street in front of Beit El-Se7emy
  • What: 2 set menus to choose from
  • Price: 220 to 250 (excluding taxes)
  • For Reservation: Call 27876074 / 75
  • Conditions: Reservation should be made and 50% deposit to be paid 48 hours in advance


Got any interesting Souhour, Iftar, or Ramadan hangouts? Please share them with us in the comments below, we would love to hear from you…

*All images are from the official websites or Facebook pages of the mentioned places

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