10 Places That Will Make You Nostalgic For Alexandria

As summer time is finally over, summer holidays have come to an end, Cairenes, Alexandrians, and all of Egypt’s students are back to school, it’s about time to head to the beautiful Egyptian city of Alexandria, to enjoy it while it’s not crowded, or packed up with holiday-goers. Although, the North Coast has stolen Alexandria’s thunder -which I truly feel bad about, as I am not a fan of the North Coast-, making its way to becoming the locals’ official summer escape, but still Alexandria occupies a special place in our hearts, and minds, with childhood memories in Ma3mourah, & Montazah.

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Endless walks on the cornish all the way to the fort while eating ice cream from Jelaty 3aza, or Makram, or grilled corn on the cob after a heavy seafood meal in Bahary or Abou Kir, cycling our way through Montazah or Ma3mourah, sipping a cup of coffee or tea by the sea, walking by Raml Station, staring as the surrounding fancy hotels, and sitting by one of its historical coffee shops, riding the tram, fishing near the fort, etc…(Below image of Corniche leading to Citadel of Qaitbay)

Please don’t get me started! It all starts once you step a foot inside Alex’s train station. (Below photo courtesy of: remster_9)


We have combined a list of restaurants and cafes offering great sea views that will sure give you a blast from the past, along with some of Alex’s landmarks that would make your trip so incomplete if you do not try them out. (Below image of Stanly Bridge)

China House On The Rooftop Of Cecil Hotel

  • Location: 16, Saad Zagloul Square, Raml Station
  • Cuisine served: Chinese, Thai, & Asian Fusions
  • Biggest Advantage: Stunning views of the sea and the harbor, with great weather all year long that can get chilly at night
  • Drawback: Small portions with relatively expensive prices
  • Photo courtesy: dragon-group.org

China house - cecil resto

Greek Club Restaurant

  • Location: Qaitbay Street, El-Anfoushy (Inside the Greek Club) on the Third Floor
  • Cuisine Served: Seafood with a Greek twist
  • Biggest Advantage: Amazing view of the old port, and the Citadel, serving the freshest seafood in Alexandria
  • Drawback: A bit overpriced compared to other seafood restaurants
  • Photo courtesy: tripadvisor.com


Latino Café

  • Location: El-Geish Road, Gleem
  • Cuisine Served: International
  • Biggest Advantage: The sea view it offers, and its average prices
  • Drawback: This is basically a café, so don’t expect a premium food quality, the service is also not the best
  • Photo courtesy: Latino Cafe’s Facebook Page


San Giovanni Restaurant

  • Location: 205 El Geish Road, Stanly
  • Cuisine Served: Seafood with a Euro-Mediterranean twist
  • Biggest Advantage: Scenic views over the sea, and Stanly bridge, that’s a place in style, it hasn’t changed since it has first opened.
  • Drawback: Best avoided at peak times, hence weekends and public holidays
  • Photo courtesy: sangiovannistanly.com


Zanilli’s Café

  • Location: Stanly or El-Montazah
  • Cuisine Served: Breakfast, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Sandwiches, Seafood, French, Greek and Mediterranean, & Italian cuisine
  • Biggest Advantage: Both branches offer stunning views of the sea <3
  • Drawback: The food variety is pretty awkward, making the food not the best
  • Photo courtesy: Zanilli’s Café Facebook page
1462601_241977025967302_1900398805_oStanly Branch
zanili_montazahMontazah Branch

Skyroof Windsor Palace

  • Location: 17 El-Shohada street, off El-Geish Road, Raml Station, Cornish Moharram Bey
  • Cuisine Served: International (it’s basically a cafe)
  • Biggest Advantage: Best view over the city of Alexandria specially at sunset
  • Drawback: It’s not the best eatery, it’s just a cafe
  • Photo courtesy: booking.com


Bonus Alexandrian Landmarks Offering Great Food But Without Sea Views

Santa Lucia

  • Location: 40 Safia Zagloul Street, Raml Station
  • Cuisine Served: Mediterranean
  • Biggest Advantage: The atmosphere, service, food quality, and above all the pianist who plays every night
  • Drawback: The served portions are really small, specially desserts
  • Photo courtesy: tripadvisor.com



  • Location: 83 El-Geish Road, Raml Station
  • Cuisine Served: Greek
  • Biggest Advantage: This place was always able to maintain its superior quality, serving the freshest seafood ever with reasonable prices. The fried calamari is a must eat!
  • Drawback: The served portions are pretty small
  • Photo courtesy: tripadvisor.com


Chez Gaby

  • Location: 22 El-Horreya Avenue
  • Cuisine Served: Italian Pizzeria
  • Biggest Advantage: This place that was established in the late seventies, has amazing energy and atmosphere, and great food as well, once you step in you will travel back in time taking you to the sixties.
  • Drawback: Poor ventilation while smoking is allowed inside the restaurant
  • Photo courtesy: Chez Gaby au Ritrovo’s Facebook page


Trianon 1905

  • Location: 52 Saad Zaghloul St., Raml Station
  • Cuisine Served: Bakeries, Patisseries, and Coffee
  • Biggest Advantage: This is a place with history, it has been established since 1905 by two Greeks, and has a great location in the heart of Alexandria, giving you the energy and feel of the city of Alexandria
  • Drawback: Bad news for late risers, breakfast is only served till 11 AM
  • Photo courtesy: kokollenium


Got nostalgic? So what’s your favorite place in Alexandria, and which one gets you nostalgic? Share with us in the comments below 🙂

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Our Readers Comments

  1. Had fun reading it all ….Alexandria is my home town and I love it .

    • thank you Mona :D, i am glad specially that i am not Alexandrian 😉

    • What about desert .????????

  2. Loved reading it all ….Alexandria is my hometown ,I love it .

  3. Windsor palace roaf restaurant, Zanilli, s Almontaza, Greek club restaurant, Latino cafe`, Almax segul restaurant, Cecil roaf restaurant are my best places

    • Awesome!
      however people had negative feedback regarding Almax seagull!

  4. Great article! I have just returned from my trip in Alex and I feel I wanna go back 🙂 But you forgot to write about chew and brew 😉 u gotta try this

    • Thank you Iman :), and thanks a lot for the great addition…will make sure to try that on my next trip to Alex isA 😉

  5. Chez Gaby 🙂 my dad used to take us there long ago, I didn’t even know if the place still exists, it got me totally nostalgic. Great article (Y)

  6. I tried Lation and Chez gaby and they are perfect. Latino: only the view, drinks and shisha but it is ALWAYS crowded specially the outside place (sea view) but the food is horrible and the service is very very late. Chez gaby is quiet, romantic and serves AWESOME food. I love Chez Gaby so much more to be honest!

  7. Latinos hmmm, I don’t feel any kind of nostalgia there, the rudest staff ever from my experience also read the reviews on apps like foursquare, most of people mentioned that, the quality of food good but not amazing compared with prices, the only outstanding thing they have is zalabia covered with black & white chocolate but actually I found a small shop in front of sporting club make it better and accept customisations and much cheaper !
    But the rest of the article are great ” for sure just what I know 🙂 “

  8. Well written, just an orthographic correction, it is rather Stanley Bay not “Stanly”.

    Regretfully nowadays, one sees all sorts of aberrations to the initial names of Alexandria’s districts. For instance you see louran and Loran etc.! It’s simply: Laurent.

    Same for zezenia etc. It’s: Zizinia. You can browse for Conte Zizinia and you will appreciate even more this city when you realise who once lived and contributed to it’s unmatched glory between the 1820’s and the 1950’s
    ..what a shame!

    Janaclis, janaklees….!!!!! Rather:

    Bolki, Bokli, Bokla!!!! Rather:

    Please note and diffuse. Doing my best to preserve some of the heritage of this great city.

    Good luck to you

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