10 of Egypt’s to Die for Activities “Not for the Faint-Hearted”

If you are into adrenalin pumping activities, there is no need to travel to the remotest areas in the world to experience them. The good news is that Egypt offers a variety of activities that can be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere; be it in the air, in the waters or in the desert, and most of all will keep your adrenalin pumping to its extreme levels.

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Gmax Reverse Bungee

Brought to Egypt from its land birth in New Zealand & installed by its original manufacturer for the first time in the Middle East. The best way to describe GMAX Reverse Bungee is to compare it to a giant “human slingshot”, riders reach heights of more than 50 metres at a speed of 200km/h, while rotating 360 degrees.

Where: Mall of Arabia in 6th of October.

Video by GMAX Reverse Bungee


Yeah, you don’t have to go to Siwa or the remotest area in Egypt to enjoy surfing on sandy dunes, only few kilometers from central Cairo El-Qataneyah Dunes is the place to enjoy sand-boarding. You can pick from a selection of dunes. high, low or intermediate. You can also enjoy it in Fayoum.

Where: Qataneya Dunes near 6th of October in Cairo, or Qousour El-Arab in Fayoum

4277318627_717ffb7fc3_zPhoto by Surfing the Nations

Mountain Biking

Everybody can do cycling, however mountain biking requires experience, a heavy duty bike and above all a helmet to cover your head and protect it from any bad turn of events.

Where: Wadi Degla near Maadi -it could also be practiced in Sinai.

8562762721_c33321f460_zPhoto by Patt Mooney

Outside Cairo

Diving & Wreck Diving

Egypt is without doubt one of the world’s best diving places and a haven to divers and snorkelers equally from all corners of the world, with colorful coral reefs, stunning marine life, mangroves and a mild water temperature all year long.

Where: It is important to note that theoretical and confined dives can be done in Cairo, but to get certified open water dives -in the sea- are a must over the course of a weekend. The list of diving spots is endless, and their variety suits all levels of expertise.

Dahab Schools: Big Blue, Adventure Spot & Penguin Divers

Sharm Schools: Camel Dive

5680732883_dac5ac2019_zPhoto by guitarfish


Ras Sudr is a couple of hours drive from Cairo and currently the Kite-surfing hub, but this does not mean that you won’t find excellent schools elsewhere, you can go to Ein El-Sokhna, Marsa Alam, Dahab, you name it.


Ras Sudr: Kiteloop, Fly, Moonbeach, Fin & Dagger, Kitesurfing Village, & Soul

5025717380_494c87b2fe_zPhoto by Hiroyuki Takeda


Now Water-Skiing is kind of old fashioned, the new trend is Wake-Boarding, the main difference between both is that water skiing requires a ski for each foot, however in wake-boarding both feet are attached to the same board. Some say it’s more difficult and more enjoyable than water-skiing is, some others only say.

Where: Dahab is among the hottest spots for water sports. It can also be practiced at the Cable Park in Gouna for a change.

2014-10-19_2004 Photo by Arturo Donate

Cable Park Games

The only Cable Park in Egypt is in El-Gouna and among the largest in the world. The idea is that you don’t need to use the wind or be attached to a boat in order to practice water sports anymore, the newest trend is to be attached to cables to enjoy wake-boarding & water-skiing among lots of other activities.

Where: El-Gouna near Hurghada.

1503373_486471514799045_545355651_nPhoto from Sliders El-Gouna’s official Facebook page

Rock Climbing

Mainly practiced in southern Sinai and the best way to enjoy it is in Dahab.

Where: in Dahab there are organized trips by Climb Sinai & Nomad Safari.

2014-10-19_1954Photo by Nomad Safari’s official website

Cross Egypt Challenge

In an attempt to promote Egypt through a sport that is widely loved by thousands of people around the world, a series of endurance cross-country motorcycles and scooters rallies was created so people from all over the world can participate in such a tough yet entertaining challenge and above all experience what Egypt has to offer differently.

Where: A yearly event that started in 2011 taking place all around Egypt (each year a new route is defined).

378462_199636593445325_1371965068_n Photo by Cross Challenge Egypt’s official Facebook page


It’s only scary to those who fear heights, but it’s a very safe activity that could be even done by a 5 years old kid.

Where: Hurghada, Dahab, Sharm El-Sheikh, Marsa Alam & Marina.

1084102966_2a39aec219_zPhoto by Storm Crypt

So which activity are you going to start with? And which activity would you like to see opening soon in Egypt?

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