10 Essential Tips To Afford Traveling Abroad

We are all fans of blockbuster movies, for hours we could sit glued to our TVs watching even the crappiest of movies, only to enjoy seeing amazing locations around the world where the movie has been filmed. How many of us have traveled to places only after they got inspired by a movie? Have you ever got butterflies while following Julia Roberts’ journey in Eat, Pray, and Love, while watching Under The Tuscan Sun, or daydreamed of a “The Holiday movie” vacation-like?

I am here to tell you that’s all doable, traveling abroad is not a dream anymore, it’s a tangible reality, Here are my tips to get you started on your amazing journey around the world 😉

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Save In A Funds Box

If you are serious about traveling, cutting daily expenses comes first, and having a travel funds box comes second. Monthly set aside a pre-defined amount of your income to be saved in this box, then spent later on your dream vacation -dream on, dream on ;).

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Tailor-Make Your Own Trip

Although we offer travel packages around the world, however we think it’s becoming old school, that’s why we have designed our easy-to-use website allowing users to become their own travel agents, giving them the opportunity to book their flights, hotels, travel insurance, and cars at the comfort of their home while saving time, effort and money.

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Roughly Know Your Budget

Once you have a destination in mind, next step is to research online for flight tickets, and accommodation prices, as well as daily expenses so you’d have an estimated budget.

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Booking Early Is Key

We strongly believe that the earlier you book -at least 8 weeks in advance-, the higher your chances are to get better prices even when your destination is at high demand.

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Be Flexible With Your Plans

Booking early gives you room to be flexible with your plans, so if your destination happened to be unaffordable, or at high demand, you can always choose another reasonable option.

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And Your Dates

If your selected dates reflect expensive prices you can always play around them. In fact flight tickets and accommodation rates are based on supply and demand, therefore if the trend is that people travel to X destination from Thursday to Saturday, choose to travel from Tuesday till Thursday to save lots of money (always choose the +/-3 days option on our website).

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Travel Off-Season

That doesn’t mean that you will be witnessing the worst of weather, or at a time where the city is at its dullest, but during a period where the weather would commonly have its ups and downs, and much less crowds. Best time would be Shoulder-Season which occurs right before or after the high-season.

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Travel To Infamous Destinations & Small Cities

We mistakenly believe that only big cities offer the ultimate travel experience. Book your next vacation in an underrated destination; these places are usually unpopular, and not commonly visited, hence less expensive, offering lots of fun. (Below photo of Colmar by: Passainte Assem

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Not Spending Too Much On Accommodation

Unless it’s your honeymoon, we advise you not to waste your money on accommodation. Think about it, what else would you need other than a good location, ease of access, cleanliness, and safety?

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Go Local

During your trip, munch street food, snack from food stalls, and make dining in luxury as an exception, because that’s how you will get a sense of place, and will let your wallet breath a massive sigh of relief.

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Now that you know what it takes to travel abroad, tell us what is your travel plan? and where is your next destination? 😉 


Compare flights, book hotels, rent cars, and don’t forget to get your back covered with our travel insurance.

Our Readers Comments

  1. Regarding your tip of not spending too much on accommodation unless its not a honey moon, you mentioned that all what I need is a good lo ation, easy access, cleanliness & saftey …All of those points costs alot of money as far as my exprrience

    • not really 😀
      – good location: could be near the center, close to it, or easily accessible by public transports
      – ease of access: easily accessible by transports
      – cleanliness & safety: these r pretty basic

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