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The City and County of Swansea is a coastal city that is located in Wales. This city does have some visual shortcomings but it makes it up through its great hospitality and charm. Swansea is known as being a student city which leaves an atmosphere of appeal and excitement in the streets of Swansea you will surely want to stay a little longer.

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Why visit Swansea?

  • This is a quiet, friendly and laid back town, and it is home to many interesting and beautiful sights!
  • Swansea is where time moves slowly and nature sets the scene, making for the perfect relaxing holiday!
  • There is a perfect balance of urban and country!
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Time Zone:
UTC + 2
Dialing Code
00 + 44 + Local Number
Drive on the left side of the road.
Swansea airport
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Standard UK Adaptor Plug, Type G.

The warmest month in Swansea is July and the coldest is February. June is the one month of the year where the most sunshine can be experienced. The summer months are the busiest months as that is when most people flock to Swansea, but the winter months are just as good as the summer months so it is all dependant on your preference.

This is considered to be an English-speaking city, but there are many residents that speak Welsh-which is a branch of the celtic language family and is their native dialect.

  • It is the first city in Wales to feature in its own version of the board game Monopoly.
  • Swansea Market is an award winning market and the largest indoor market in Wales.
  • Swansea is Wales second largest city and the UK's twenty-fifth largest city.

This town has been referenced to being the home to many interesting historic buildings, with a terrific local history museums that capture the town's stories. There are so many activities and sights to go an explore in this city from-Swansea Bay to Clyne Valley, and The Mission Gallery, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery is a vibrant centre for art and it is a definite must see, when it town.

The local cafés and restaurants that are located in Swansea are known for serving fresh harvest that is locally produced. Swansea is home to the finest of the famously loved Welsh staples, that include cockles, laverbread and salt marsh lamb. So when in town be sure to check out Slice, Joes, Panshee, and Lezzet Authentic Restaurant.

The most common religion that is followed in Swansea is Islam followed by Christianity. Swansea offers a diverse range of art and culture and many theatres, events and festivals that run throughout the year, which add to the cultural atmosphere in Swansea. The city of Swansea really does have a lot to offer, the people are considered to be extremely friendly and welcoming.

Swansea is a safe and friendly city that is surrounded with so many sights and attractions. This city like any other city does experience petty crime over busy seasons and that is why it is important that people remain aware of their surroundings.

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About Swansea

Swansea airport (code: SWS) is an airport that is located south-west of Swansea Wales. This airport is mainly used to handle light helicopters and small private aircraft’s.

Food and drink

Swansea airport café is the only restaurant located within the airport, there are also other restaurants that are made available near to the airport.

Currency Exchange

Information regarding exchanges of currency can be found at the information desk of the airport.

Lost luggage

If any luggage is lost or damaged you need to contact your airlines handling agent or go to the information desk at the airport for any further enquires

Airport Hotels

The hotels that are located near the airport include Gower hotel, Parc-le Breos House, Gower Accomodation,The Dairy

Airport hub

Swansea-Bruges International Airport (code: OST) is a hub for Freebird Airlines, Jetairfly, Tunisair, and Taliwind Airlines

Car Hire

There are car hire dealerships that are located near the airport they include Hertz, Europcar, Avis.

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