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Ostend is a Belgian city that is located in the province if West-Flanders. This city has been a fishing village since the 9th century. This city has so much to offer it is a city that should not be under-estimated, Ostend has had a history as being a major spa destination since the 1930's.

So for those lovers of seafood, unconventional museums, and colourful events-be sure to visit Ostend and have a guaranteed memorable experience.

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Why visit Ostend?

  • This is a cosmopolitan city, visitors will be amazed and overwhelmed with excitement at all the sights and attractions this city has to offer!
  • It is a vibrant and historically rich place to visit and explore!
  • This city is delightful for walkers, this place s known for their great outdoors and hospitality!
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Time Zone:
UTC + 1
Dialing Code
00 + 32 + Local Number
Drive on the right side of the road.
Ostend-Bruges International Airport
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Ostend is visited by many day-trippers that generally head to the white sandy beaches, especially during July and August. This is a great city to visit all year around, but the best time to visit is when the weather is good, this usually occurs between May-October when the average temperatures are a little cooler than is preferred, but it is still reasonably pleasant.

Nearly all the locals speak English, but they are known for their thick local Flemish dialect.

  • Ostend was a small village built on the east-end of an island.
  • This city was fortified in 1583 and it became the last Dutch stronghold in Belgium.
  • Ostend is known as the railroad ''gatway to Europe”.

Ostend is filled with not only several renowned beaches, but there is a very vibrant and lively night life with many good restaurants along these historic streets. This is a major shopping centre , there is plenty to do and see-from the modern art museum Mu Zee, to The Casino Kursaal this city will not disappoint.

This city offers an array of good food. Two of the famous busy central streets in Ostend are Van Iseghemlaan and Langestraat-who offer fine food that would be hard to resist. Seafood is the best in Ostend as it is something that they are known for and famous restaurants like La Galleria, Ocean, Lentini, and Restaurant Lobster serve the best seafood in Ostend and are definite musts.

This is a town that was built upon religion. Taking a look at their Cathedral District it is evidence of this. The locals are not overly conservative, they are known as being very friendly and welcoming individuals.

Belgium is a relatively safe place to travel and explore. That being said-the cities within Belgium do fall victim to petty crime incidents during holiday seasons. Individuals need to be aware of their surroundings.

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Address: Avenue de l'Uruguay, 19 1050 Brussels
Phone: + 32 (0)2 663 5800
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About Ostend

Ostend-Bruges International Airport (code: OST) is an international airport that is located in Ostend ,

Food and drink

Food and beverages: Belair, and Charles Lindenbergh are the two restaurants that are made available at the airport.

Currency Exchange

For more information on these services you would need to go to the information desk at the airport, they will be able to assist you with any information that you need.

Lost luggage

If you have lost a piece of luggage, you need to contact your airline's handling company , or for additional information you can contact the Security Department (Telephone: +32 (0) 59 551 510).

Airport Hotels

The hotels that are near to the airport include Charmahotel 't Kruishof, Hotel Glenn, Hotel Groeneveld, and B&B Duinekeuntje.

Airport hub

Ostend-Bruges International Airport (code: OST) is a hub for Freebird Airlines, Jetairfly, Tunisair, and Taliwind Airlines

Car Hire

The car hire place available at the airport is Avis.

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