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Brugge is the largest city in the province of West Flanders in Belgium. This is also the capital and the largest city of West Flanders. There are cultural festivals that feature throughout the year, these festivals boast many traditional and historic moments that took place in Brugge as well as Belgium, so being apart of this excitement is something that is very much a tradition that should not be missed.

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Why visit Brugge?

  • This fairy-tale designed town, is so beautiful it would be hard to leave!
  • Brugge is not only picturesque but the locals are known for being very welcoming!
  • This place is considered to be Belgium's most perfectly preserved medieval town!
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Time Zone:
UTC + 1
Dialing Code
00 + 32 + Local Number
Drive on the left side of the road.
Ostend-Bruges International Airport
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Brugges is a charming city in all seasons but the intimate atmosphere that you experience in the fall and winter months (December-February) are said to be pretty amazing. This city is beautiful throughout the whole year, the only thing is that people know this secret and there can be many tourists found exploring this city throughout the year, especially in the summer months (June-September).

The most spoken language in Brugge is Dutch (Flemish). The second most spoken language is English (preferably with tourists).

  • This city is a prominent World Heritage Site of UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation).
  • Due to the fact that Brugges is nice and flat, bikes are a big thing in this city,, most people travel with bikes in order to get around.
  • Brugges has earned a strong reputation in the field of classical music.

Brugges medieval architecture is intact, its historic buildings are definitely a sight to see, no matter where you are in this city you are definitely going to be captivated by what it has to offer. The famous landmark in this city is its 13th-century belfry, which houses municipal carillon that comprises of 48 bells-this is a major tourist attraction. Another famous site to go and see is the sculpture Madonna and Child, which is believed to be Michelangelo's only sculpture to have left Italy within his lifetime.

Belgians are known for making unhealthy but really delicious food. There are many Belgian restaurants in this city that serve traditional meals, there are even museums in Brugge that is dedicated- believe it or not, to the chip, chocolate and beer.

Famous restaurants to eat at while in Brugge include Park Restaurant, The Olive Tree, De Stove, and In`t Nieuw Museum.

The people of Brugge are predominantly Catholic, this could be the reason behind there not being as many interactions that is witnessed on the street. They are a very conservative group of people but they are also considered to be the nicest by travellers.

There is crime like pickpocketing and public intoxication that takes place in this city, it is nothing to really be afraid of. Brugge has a much lower annual crime rate than other neighbouring cities, so this is a city that can be enjoyed and not feared, but one like any place needs to be aware of their surroundings.

Embassy of Arab Republic of Egypt in Brussels

Address: Avenue de l'Uruguay, 19 1050 Brussels
Phone: + 32 (0)2 663 5800
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About Brugge

Ostend-Bruges International Airport is an international airport that is located in Ostend Belgium. This airport is increasingly used for passenger flights, that are mainly holiday flights that are organized by tour operators. This airport is also often used for private business flights.

Food and drink

The restaurants that are located within the airport include Charles Lindbergh and Belair.

Currency Exchange

For more information on these services you would need to go to the information desk at the airport, they will be able to assist you with any information that you need.

Lost luggage

If you have any lost luggage you should contact your airline's handling company or you should contact Aviapartner (Telephone: +32 (0) 59 551 575) for more information.

Airport Hotels

The hotels that are near the airport include Charmehotel 't Kruishof, Hotel Glenn, Hotel Groenveld, and B&B Duinekeuntje.

Airport hub

Ostend-Bruges International Airport (code: OST) is a hub for Freebird Airlines, Jetairfly, Tunisair, and Tailwind Airlines.

Car Hire

The car hire place that is located at the airport include Avis.

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