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In recent years Dubai has become the number one destination for holidays in the Middle East. With its modern architecture, hot climate and coastal location, let Travelstart be your tour guide to this wonder of the modern world.

Why visit Dubai?

  • Experiencing one of the most exciting, energetic cities of the 21st century!
  • The countless shopping opportunities on offer when you visit the UAE!
  • A modern desert Oasis, you won’t ever see a city like Dubai again. Sprung out of the desert on the Persian Gulf, you will marvel at the incredible feats of human engineering!
Arab Emirates Dirham , AED, Dhs
Time Zone:
GMT + 4
Dialing Code
00 + 971 + 4 + Local Number
Dubaian / Emirati
Drive on the left side of the road.
Dubai International Airport
Travel Adaptor:
Standard Plug Fitting Type G. Best to get a universal adapter & converter kit.

With a climate that ranges from hot to scorching, the best time to visit Dubai is during the winter season between October and April. Temperatures dropping below 37°C and reduced humidity mean you can experience the clear azure skies and powder white beaches at one of the private Beach Clubs such as Eden or Riva.

Dubai camel on the beach

The main language in Dubai is Arabic, which has its own alphabet, which is completely different to the latin alphabet which is widely used across the world.

Here are some basic phrases:

My name is...


I am from...

“Ána min I...”

Thank you

“Shukrun-Lak” How much does it cost?

“Kam et-taklefa?’
  • The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world and houses a staggering 1200 shops, an aquarium and an ice rink.
  • Dubai has one of the lowest crime rates anywhere in the world and its residents pay zero percent income tax.
Shop in Dubai

Standing 280 metres tall on its own private island, the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Hotel is regularly voted the most luxurious hotel in the world. Visit the Skyview Bar for cocktails at sunset to see modern Dubai in all its glory. A helicopter or sea plane tour will allow you to see the city's main attractions from the air, including the man-made islands at Palm Jumeirah, Deira and Jebel Ali.

Other recommended activities include desert safaris where off-road vehicles take you into the Arabian Desert to experience camel rides and sleeping in Bedouin tents or a visit to Atlantis Marine & Waterpark where you can swim with dolphins or scuba dive in the Lost Aquarium. Visit the Dubai Museum at Al Fahdi Fort to trace the city's historical development and see how it was built.

Dubai coastline

Traditional food in the UAE is made up of grains, dairy and meats that are heavily spiced and the coastal location means seafood features heavily in the traditional menus. As Dubai is a modern city, however, there are many restaurants serving western food. If you visit during Ramadan, which falls between June and July, eating and drinking in public before sundown are limited even for non-Muslims as a mark of respect.

Dining in Dubai

As a Muslim country, there are legal restrictions on public behaviour that visitors should follow. Swimwear can be worn safely and respectfully at Dubai's private beach clubs, but appropriate attire should be worn at all other times with women taking care that shoulders and knees are covered. Kissing in public is also outlawed, even for married couples.

It is recommended that travellers have vaccines for Hepatitis A and Typhoid before travelling to the UAE and that those who intend to travel into the desert consider a Rabies vaccine as well.

Egyptian Passport holders need to have a visa to enter the UAE. Dubai’s tourist Visa is electronic and usually takes from 3 to 5 business days and lasts for 60 days.

The UAE consulate in Cairo is located at:

Address: 4 Ibn Seena Street, Giza, Cairo
Phone: +20-2-37766101

There is an Egyptian Consulate in Dubai, located at:

Address: Khaled Ibn El Waleed Street, Consulate Area (P.O. Box 2575)
Phone: +971 4 397 1122

Dubai International Airport – DXB

Dubai Airport (code DXB) is the largest hub in the Middle East and serves as an important gateway for South Africans travelling to Europe, America, Asia and nearly every other corner of the globe. With duty free shopping that rivals the renowned Dubai Mall off Sheik Zayed Road, you’ll never be too bored if your stopover is a little longer than usual.

The information on this page is correct as of November 2015. While every effort is made to keep information as fresh as possible, takes no responsibility for any of the information being out of date or incorrectly noted.

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