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At first glance this windy corner of the world might give some a small town feel but the capital city of the Republic of Namibia has much to offer prospective travellers. Stretch your legs in this pedestrian-friendly city, makes for a pleasant urban and outdoor exploration that is hard to come by anywhere else.

Windhoek has a very rich cultural heritage with monuments scattered across this city, all in celebration of Namibia’s greatest heroes. A major tourist attractions in for the cit. Sites like Heroes ' Acre are of particular interest for those visiting for the first time.

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Why visit Windhoek?

  • This town is known for its unique charm and with the mixture of cultures as well as the many friendly people that make up this place-it is filled with an exciting atmosphere you would love being a part of!
  • Take a cultural journey like no other from Alte Feste which is the oldest building in this city to indulging in the many traditional braai meat stalls which is located at most street corners!
  • For those adventurous spirits Windhoek offers a massive 5 day desert hike, or get your heart pumping and experience Namibia's wildlife within arm’s reach at the Daan Viljoen Game Reserve!
Namibian Dollar ($)
Exchange Rate:
~1 EGP: ~ 1.66 NAD
Time Zone:
UTC + 2 - There is a no difference between Egypt and Windhoek
Dialing Code
00 + 264 + Local Number
Drive on the left side of the road.
Hosea Kutako International Airport
Travel Adaptor:
Type D/M (voltage:220V, frequency: 50Hz)

Boarder hopping across to Nambia during January or February means you should pack in your rain jacket. Prepare to experience a lot of rainfall so if you plan on exploring your umbrella will become a trusty side kick.

The busiest months in Namibia occur during summer time, as this is the middle of Namibia’s game watching season and accommodation will start to fill up as early as April through to November.

However a little tip from us, April and May are great periods to visit. You will witness a much fresher, greener and clearer environment especially if the five day Fish River Canyon Hike is on your list of things to do. The coast has fairly consistent warm temperatures all year round however, in September the rest of Namibia isheating up with October being the hottest month before the rain returns in early December which is actually perfect for bird watching.

The most widely spoken language in Windhoek is English, with a strong influence from neighbours South Africa, Afrikaans is fairly prevelent amoung locals. While a few naturalised Namibians are also speaking found speaking Portuguese and German.

  • Windhoek was formally established on 18 October 1890.
  • This city has one of the oldest weather bureaus in the world.
  • Windhoek is one of the world's major centres for the karakul sheep-skin trade.

Windhoek serves as an important role in Namibia's tourism, there are so many great attractions to see like the National Museum of Namibia which is important to experience if you want to learn more about this places history.

If relaxing is on your list then there is no better place to visit than the Zoo Park-this lush park served as a public zoo in 1962, but today it functions primarily as a picnic spot.

The architecture in Windhoek is something that is a major tourist destination due to the history that these places have from the old Lutheran church- Christuskirche to the Parliament of Namibia and the previously mentioned Heroes Acre which serves as a testament to the individuals who have lost their lives fighting for Namibia's independence, freedom and democracy.

If you are looking to colour the streets red then you would should visit Club London and the Playhouse Theatre, or be sure to visit during their many famous festivals like the Okoberfest, Windhoek Karneval or the Windhoek show.

Other site seeing must-sees in Windhoek include:

  • Trans-Namib Transport Museum
  • National Art Gallery
  • Owela Museum
  • El Cubano
  • Heinitzburg castle
  • Phara Oh Lounge
  • Schwerinsiburg
  • Tintenpalast

Food tends to play a very big part in all cultures and this is especially true for Windhoek. Due to the fact that Namibia hosts 11 different ethnic groups there is not a dish that can be singled out as the most favourite dish.

The best food can be found at street stalls that are located all across Windhoek with the best braai meat in Nambia, meat like antelope, ostrich or zebra are the most loved braai meats that are barbecued on these street stalls.

Other dishes like Potjiekos and seafood are also enjoyed by locals. Namibia is also known for having an endless variety of beer, many traditional African millet versions, the best beers to try when in Windhoek include Windhoek larger, Oshikindu, Neuras Namib, Das Pilsner and Maraku which can been enjoyed at Joe's Beer House.

The many restaurants that should be visited when you in Widhoek include:

  • NICE Restaurant & Bar
  • Am Weinberg
  • Sardinia Blue Olive
  • Xwama Cultural Village & Restaurant
  • Leo's at the Castle
  • Village Café
  • The Tug Restaurant
  • Jetty 1905
  • The Raft Restaurant

Windhoek has a mixture of African and European culture, this city is so diverse with the amount of different ethnicities that are found here.

Even due to the amount of diversity found in Windhoek the majority of locals classify themselves as Christian-with the largest Christian group being the Lutheran church. The constitution of Namibia allows for the freedom of religion the other religions that are practised include Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism.

Windhoek citizens tend to take their religion very seriously, so it is advised to not bring religion up if you are not looking for a long lecture and an attempt to covert you to the joy's of Christianity.

No matter what your religion might be you will be warmly welcomed into Windhoek as the locals that are found here are said to be the most friendly and hospitable people in Namibia.

Most Namibians are very formal and formal clothes during working hours is a general rule, certain items like shorts and t-shirts are regarded as informal and ladies are not allowed to wear jeans in most churches and places of work.

Namibia is one of the safest countries in Africa, but crime is on the rise in the larger cities, particularly in Windhoek, that is why it is important to be a little 'street-smart'.

Windhoek is known for petty crime like theft which is rife in this capital city, there are certain things that you should do in order to ensure your safety. Which include things like concealing your valuables and not leaving any valuables in your car. Avoid walking alone at night and ensure that you do not dress in expensive jewellery or have any expensive items in your possession, and if so do not make it visible as it can make you an easy target.

It is advised that you do not drink tap or well water or even unpasteurised milk.

Egyptians looking to travel to Namibia will require a Visa, a single or multiple entry visa is available for a validity of up to 3 months for tourists. You will need to apply with the following documentation, Egyptian passport, 2 photographs, proof of status, itinerary and a recent bank statement.

The Egyptian Embassy to Namibia is located in Cairo

Address: Villa No. 60 El Nahda Street Maadi Cairo Egypt
Phone: (+20) 2 235 844 67
Fax: (+20) 2 235 981 70

Item Alexandria Cairo Windhoek
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant EGP 30 EGP 40 EGP 60
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught) EGP 10 EGP 11 EGP 11
Cappuccino (regular) EGP 13 EGP 17 EGP 13
Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff) EGP 5 EGP 2 EGP 6
Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro) EGP 25 EGP 24 EGP 24

Hosea Kutako International Airport (Code: WDH)is the main international airport serving the Namibian capital city of Windhoek.

Food and beverage: There are restaurants that are located within the airport as well as lounges.

Currency Exchange: The Bureau de Change is a currency exchange office that is located at the airport.

Lost Luggage: If you lost any luggage you should contact your handling airline, you can also contact the information desk that is located near the airport for more information.

Airport Hotels: The hotels that are located near the airport include Belvedere Boutique Hotel , Vertigo Boutique Hotel , The Roof of Africa Hotel, Jordani B&B Windhoek.

Car Hire: Bidvest is the car hire dealership that is located near the airport.

Airport Hub: Hosea Kutako International Airport (Code: WDH) is a hub for Air Namibia.

The information on this page is correct as of March 2016. While every effort is made to keep information as fresh as possible, takes no responsibility for any of the information being out of date or incorrectly noted.

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