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No mater what time of year it is you can always rely on Durban for warm weather, an inviting ocean and a great holiday vibe. The largest city in KwaZulu Natal, Durban is coasted by the warm Indian Ocean, making it a hub for surfing in South Africa as well as yachting, fishing, diving and all things beachy.

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Why visit Durban?

  • A great destination for beach lovers and water babies, the warm waters and toasty temperatures are perfect for a year-round summer holiday!
  • The legendary Durban curries and the infamous bunny chow!
  • uShaka Marine World, the 5th largest aquarium in the world!
Dialing Code
00 + 27 + 31 + Local Number
Drive on the left side of the road.
King Shaka International Airport

The best time to visit Durban would be between the month of June and August being rather dry and rainful is at a premium while the humidity remains reasonably low, for Durban that is. Durban's subtropical climate sets the tone for around 300 + days of sunny weather with average temperatures of around 24 degrees Celsius

The most popular languages in Durban are isiZulu and English

Here are a few Zulu phrases to help you get by

  • Hello! – Sawubona! (to one) / Sanibona! (to many)
  • How are you? – Unjani?
  • I’m fine, thanks. – Ngikhona, ngiyabonga.
  • Nice to meet you – Ngiyajabula ukukwazi!
  • Thank you – Ngiyabonga
  • You’re welcome – Kulungile
  • Yes – Yebo
  • No – Cha
  • Durban has the highest population of Indians outside of India.
  • The Gateway shopping center is the largest shopping mall in Africa and the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Durban harbour is the home of the 9th largest harbor in the world

There’s always a lot to do in Durban and if you’ve been to the city before then you probably have some favourite spots that you’ll always go back to. From the International Convention Centre for the corporate types to the Golden Mile stretch of sun, sea and surf; if you prefer to ‘live and let live’ Durban has it all.

A great destination for beach lovers and water babies, the warm waters and toasty temperatures are perfect for a year-round summer holiday.

Top attractions in Durban

Durban has come into its own over the last few years and the city now boasts a wide variety of international restaurants as well as many that serve up seafood and speciality dishes typical of South Africa. As Durban continues to develop as a foodie hub and more than just the curry and bunny chow capital of South Africa.

Here are some of our reviews on Durban dinning

Durban is an ethnically diverse city unlike any other in South Africa, with this melting pot of around 3.4 million people plays host to a variety of mixed cultures and belief systems. The majority is made up of Zulus and Indians as well as those of British decent.

The locals in Durban are incredibly friendly and welcoming, and will usually be quite happy to offer advice and help out a straggling tourist and like any modern city it has its fairly safe to walk around in while the more unsavoury areas are situated outside the city centre.

However always be cautious and aware of opportunists by not walking around alone in the city after dark and only catch metered taxis, you can always ask your hotel to advise you on which places to travel to safely.

King Shaka International Airport

If you haven’t visited Durban in a recently, state of the art King Shaka International Airport is where you’ll land. It’s Durban’s new airport that was built for the 2010 Soccer World Cup and it’s on the North Coast, approximately 35km north of the city centre. Having opened its runways in May 2010, the King Shaka airport is multiple–award winning world class addition to Durban’s modern infrastructure, with a fully automated cargo terminal and a bird radar system.

Now servicing all major local airlines as well as a growing number of top international carriers like Emirates Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, SAA, Proflight, Ethiopian Airlines, Air Mauritius and SAA, King Shaka International Airport is South Africa’s latest gateway to the world, which is looking ahead to accommodating the influx of visitors for the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Durban.

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