What To Do And See In Dubai

Heading to Dubai soon? This article has everything you need to know about places to see and things to do.


The Culture

Dubai has many beautiful mosques as well where you can enjoy. It has a lot of exhibitions, museums, and cultural centers that are worth exploring. And by the way, some of them are even free to enter. It is interesting to learn the history and how the city has transformed from a tribal spot to a metropolitan in less than a century.


The Nature

Another thing worth discovering is the desert. And I know that doesn’t sound super exciting for an Egyptian, but the way you experience deserts ARE different. Going on a safari in Morocco is not the same like doing it in the UAE, and both are not the same as Egypt. The dunes of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve are just marvellous to see.



The City Life

Partying in the city can be doable for a budget traveler too. Expensive bars do serve free drinks on certain days during the week. You’re specially in luck if you’re a girl. Without hitting clubs, you can enjoy calm walks along the Marina (especially in winter), you will find kids playing, people selling chocolate and ice cream, and just a very cozy friendly vibe over there. You can go to the beach, and just spend the whole day swimming and sitting in the sun. Plenty of other activities to do that are free and genuinely fun.


The Fun Stuff

if you have some cash to spare, why not enjoy other experiences as well. Like Hot Air Balloons and Sky Diving are not bad ideas if you don’t mind being stranded in the air (something that is definitely not for me). The aquariums, that are surprising found abundantly in the middle of the desert are amazing too. They are just magnificent, I could spend a whole day staring at the fish. Dubai has a great snow park where you can ski and play with snow all day. A better option for me is Chillout Dubai, which is basically a cafe with a subzero temperature and everything there is made of ice; the chairs, bar, etc. They give you thermal jackets upon entrance and you can enjoy a hot cup of hot chocolate while sitting in this metaphoric igloo.

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