6 Desserts To Guiltlessly Gain Weight For

Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night, and said “Aaaaah, I crave something sweet”? Do you obsess over cakes, pastries, and all sorts of sugar-rush giving desserts? Will you drive all the way to a distant place only to get a taste of the best desserts the Egyptian scene has come up with? Then this list is for you…

Find out 6 desserts to guiltelssly gain weight for :)

Elvis by Mince

Two French toasts glued to each other thanks to a generous thick layer of heavenly Nutella spread, and slices of banana -you could ask the waiter to have the bananas removed, the last thing you want is the taste of Nutella going to waste- and one hell of a scoop of vanilla ice cream, with caramel sauce on top…interesting, ha? (Photo courtesy: Mince’s Facebook page)

Where: Arkan Mall or 4 Abdel Moneim Hafez, Heliopolis (not in Zamalek)


Panino by Bel Gelato

Not just another place selling ice cream or Italian Gelato. Bel Gelato offers a wide range of Italian delicacies, our pick would be their made to perfection Panino Gelato, so what’s a Panino Gelato? It’s brioche bread stuffed with a filling scoop of vanilla gelato drizzled with Belgian chocolate…PERFECTION! (Photo courtesy: Bel Gelato’s Facebook page)

Where: 28 El Merghany Street, beside Shawermer, the same street of McDonalds, Heliopolis


Cinnamon Cheesecake at Qahwa

Whether a cheesecake person or not, you will fall for it head over heels. The name is a bit misleading because the dessert is much more than that, we are talking about cheesecake with a thick layer of cream cheese on top, and a sprinkle of cinnamon adding more flavor. Surprisingly it’s not as sweet as it sounds, as the bitterness of the cheeses, combined with the sweetness of the cake, and of the cream cheese frosting give it a pretty balanced taste.

Where: Arkan Mall in 6th of October


Chocolate Heaven by The Batter Half & Co.

Everybody has been talking about their red velvet cake, along with their Red Velvet Konafa & Basboussa, skip them all to have their Chocolate Heaven. No wonder why it’s named Chocolate Heaven, It seriously is a cup from heaven, small bites of chocolate brownies, caramel sauce, and lots of melted chocolate, heated in the microwave for a minute, then finally served with vanilla ice cream.

Where: 17 Mohamed Mazhar Street, Zamalek.


Caramel Éclairs by Tortina

If you haven’t tried Tortina you really don’t know what you are missing, their gâteaux speak for themselves, the freshest ingredients in town with an authentic taste. Although all their gâteaux are to die for, their Caramel Éclair takes éclairs to a whole new level, we are talking about French standards in here. (Below photo is pretty close to Tortina’s Caramel Éclairs by houseandleisure.co.za)

Where: Zamalek, Maadi, Heliopolis & Arkan Mall in 6th of October.


Konafa Nabelsseya or Ghazal Beirut by Tamara

Their Konafa Nabelsseya -with cheese- is by far the closest to Palestenian Konafa originating from Nables -I can guarantee that as I tried the original made by a Palestinian guy. Cheese Konafa served hot; the cheese melts from the heat, giving the perfect opportunity to drown it in syrup. Close your eyes, and enjoy every bit of it. (Photo courtesy: Tamara’s Facebook page)


10885301_684118075039214_9080223041704218883_n (1)

But if you are not a fan of sweet & sour desserts, more of an ice cream person go for a Ghazal Beirut. It’s mastic ice cream surrounded by layers of sugar prepared in a way that’s similar to cotton candy in taste, but to Konafa in texture, tipped with pistachio sprinkles.

Where: City Stars & Tivoli Dome in 6th of October.



Feeling like trying any of these to-die-for desserts? Got any other scrumptious recommendartions? Let us know in the comments below…

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